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Decades of engineering finesse

Two decades deep in the industry, we don’t just know our way around engineering – we lead the charge. Whether it’s Aerospace or Automotive, Energy or Marine, our experience is your ticket to service-ready designs.

Tire technology trailblazers

Our industry-leading solutions are always pushing the limits to improve even the most timeless innovations. Airless, run-flat, or something never seen before – if it's groundbreaking in tires, we're the brains behind it.

Awards and cutting-edge patents

AEG’s commitment to technical evidence is proven by a portfolio bursting with accolades and patents. These reflect not only the quality and ingenuity of our offerings but also our ability to meet and exceed market expectations.

Defense product capabilities

With ISO 9001 certification in our arsenal, we’re trusted by the defense industry and beyond. This demonstrates our expertise in handling projects that require the highest technical precision and reliability.

Custom client solutions

We prioritize open communication to deliver tailor-made solutions that not only solve problems but also enhance overall customer satisfaction. Your challenges become ours, and we tackle them head-on to hit the mark every time

Through strategic partnerships

we're continuously exploring new ways to make our products and processes more environmentally friendly. From enhancing Product durability to developing Engineering Material Solutions materials.

Industry recognition

Our work speaks volumes, and so do our accolades. We’ve been recognized with several prestigious awards that underscore our commitment to engineering excellence:

Quality Pentagon Award

For our innovative airless tire development.

Tech Award from SAE

Not once, but twice, for our pioneering fuel cell bi-polar plate design.

USSOCOM Team Award

For the 'Pressure Zero Tire' development (a testament to our expertise in defense-related projects).

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Our work ranges from electric vehicle tires to solar tiles, and from girls’ soccer headbands to cutting-edge NFL helmet development. We’re also at the forefront of medical innovation with projects like hip, knee, and shoulder replacements.

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While we have a strong focus on defense, our expertise spans across various sectors including consumer and sports, automotive, and medical.

Absolutely. Customization is part of our forte, from initial design to final production.

While based in Ohio, our services cater to clients across the USA.

Our niche in rubber product development is backed by award-winning innovation, like our airless tire, to offer advanced solutions in this specialized area.

We provide comprehensive testing, including both destructive and non-destructive methods, to ensure your product meets all safety and quality benchmarks.

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