Product Testing, Inspection & Certification Services

A global provider of product testing,  product inspection, and engineering professional certification services for a diverse range of products in various industries where failure in service is not an option.

Product Testing services

AEG has one of the most comprehensive ranges of product testing services that covers application and performance testing as well as failure analysis testing services.

American Engineering Group applies a combination of both destructive testing and non-destructive testing methods to rubber/elastomers, composites, and plastics to determine their potential properties, performance, strength, durability and resistance to corrosion and to ultimately help make certain that they are safe, compliant and fit for purpose in their end application.

We are a global leader in the provision of high volume routine mechanical testing services such as tensile testing, impact testing or hardness testing, for both metals and polymeric products, as well as highly specialized mechanical testing such as fatigue testing, fracture mechanics, crack metal testing, crack propagation testing, creep testing, corrosion testing and other analytical techniques.

As part of our product testing service range, AEG provides advanced solutions in rubber technology, offering critical support in testing and consultation aligned to all stages of rubber processing and product development. Our laboratories deliver comprehensive, inter-disciplinary services in the development, processing, characterization and testing of all products.

AEG is a trusted testing partner to many of the world’s most recognized and iconic brands within the global Automotive, Aerospace, Medical, and Defense sectors.

Product Testing services

AEG specializes in the dynamic, static deflection, Fatigue, and Vibration product testing

  • Rubber Product Dynamic testing involves exciting a product sample with a controlled input and measuring the resulting response as a computer simulation verification. A sinusoidal waveform input as a load or displacement signal is a common type of excitation imposed with a high-performance servo-hydraulic actuator. The reaction load measured across the product sample, the phase shift, and the displacement signal are used to calculate engineering parameters such as Complex Dynamic Stiffness, Storage Stiffness, Loss Stiffness, etc. 
  • Product Static Deflection Testing is used to determine the load-carrying capacity of products. Using linear servo-hydraulic actuators we can perform tension or compression static component tests up to 100 Kip (500 kN). Using torsional servo-hydraulic actuators we can perform torsion or conical static tests up to 100,000 in-lbs. Tests can be performed at a wide variety of speeds and temperatures. Data is typically analyzed using secant, tangent or delta load stiffness calculations.
  • Product Fatigue Testing often requires custom-designed fixtures and tests. We have more experience in tooling design, system integration, and computer-controlled analysis of automotive rubber-to-metal bonded products than any other independent laboratory. Our engineers have decades of experience in mechanical goods rubber design, product testing, and manufacturing as well as access to the latest computer software and hardware technology

    Product fatigue testing is offered on polymer-based (rubber and plastic) as well as ferrous and nonferrous metal components. Each test can be custom designed to input multi-axis loads, angles, and deflections simultaneously into a product.  Typically up to 4 synchronized input channels are available. Load profiles include pure sinusoidal, step input, shock, block cycle, frequency spectrum, resonant dwell, and road-load recorded inputs.

  • Product Vibration testing mimics the conditions that a product or structure might see during its lifetime while under a test environment. Used to ensure that products are robust and perform safely during operation or transit, vibration testing detects performance issues and potential failures before they start.

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