Elevate your business with AEG’s premium consumer product design services and top-tier sports equipment, manufactured by leading sports goods and equipment manufacturers. Trust us to provide reliable and durable products that cater to your needs.


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Our consumer product design services offer top-quality sports equipment and goods, manufactured by the best in the industry.

If you’re looking for a reliable consumer product design company that specializes in sports product development, American Engineering Group (AEG) is one of the top sporting goods manufacturers in the USA. As a leading sports equipment manufacturer, AEG offers consumer product design services to sports goods manufacturers and suppliers in the industry.

AEG’s consumer product development and engineering team works concurrently with their experienced industrial design team to create sports and fitness equipment that meets both aesthetic and functional requirements. Tailor our consumer product design services to each sub-sector of the sports equipment industry’s specific needs. This allows sports equipment manufacturers to offer products across different price points.

With broad experience in the sports industry, AEG has produced illustrations for marketing reviews, 3D CAD models, computer renderings, physical models, and working prototypes for their clients. We ensure the final product is accepted and commercially successful in the marketplace.

As an American sports equipment manufacturer, AEG can help with the cost-effective production of a range of sports products, each with a different visual appeal and performance criteria. New and established sports equipment and goods manufacturers and suppliers can use our services. We cater to all their needs.

In summary, AEG is one of the top manufacturers in the USA that offers consumer product development services to the sports equipment industry. Our expertise in consumer product development, industrial design, and engineering makes them a reliable partner for sports equipment manufacturers who want to offer personalized and premium models to their customers.

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