Cut your time to market. Not your quality: AEG’s engineering product development services can augment your development with unsurpassed experience in product engineering

Product Development Services

Our product development services develop product concepts into production-ready solutions.

American Engineering Group (AEG) (ISO 9001:2015), is a full service product design, development and manufacturing company providing comprehensive product development services to inventors, startup and veteran companies. Since our inception in 2000, we have been helping our clients from initial product evaluation, development of ideas to bringing final manufactured product into market successfully.

AEG provides end to end product development from product requirements to prototyping to functional testing in manufacturing. We also help prepare patents and can work with you to plan a successful marketing. We provide free consultation on engineering product design and development.

Our goal is to assist our clients to fill in the gaps in the market their competitors haven’t yet spotted. Clients value our ingenuity, our talent for tackling complicated technical challenges and our ability to transform product requirements into award winning solutions.

We offer your company a strategic business advantage by turning ideas and concepts into practical, cost effective solutions. We help customers design, develop and deliver better products in short period by controlling costs, reducing risk and speeding time to market.

Innovation Patents

AEG, through its founders, holds numerous utility and design patents pending by the United States Patent Office.

Following are some examples:

  • Torsional Damper
  • Three Piece Golf Ball
  • Bi-polar plate for Fuel Cell
  • Fuel cell dual seal
  • Polyurethane solid tires
  • Tire Performance, Durability & Quality Prediction
  • Flexible Personal Armor
  • Dual Damper
  • Carbon Fiber Tires
  • Posture Perfect Backpack
  • Carbon Fiber Knee Brace
6 Awards

Posture Perfect Backpack

Pub. in Tire Asia

Polyurethane solid tire

SAE Tech Award

Bipolar plate for PEM fuel cells

3 Piece Core Golf Ball

Run Flat Tire with Wireless Monitoring System

Torsional Damper

Dual Structure Shock Mount

Honeycomb Structure

Fuel Cell Double Lip SeaL

Army Shelter Beam

Product Development Phases


  • Patent Research
  • Market Research
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Manufacturability Research
  • Competitive Analysis
Phase 1


  • Industrial Design
  • Brainstorming
  • Concept Selection
  • Material and Product Specification Development
  • Final Product Specifications
  • Proof of Principle Testing
  • Model “mock-up” Development
  • Additional Patent Research
  • Additional Market Research
  • Business Plan Development
Phase 2


  • Detailed Engineering Design Drawings
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Material Selection
  • Manufacturing Process Specification
  • Functional Prototype Development
  • Prototype Testing and Evaluation
  • Final Design Modifications based on Prototype Testing
Phase 3


  • Manufacturing
  • Cost evaluation
  • Pre-production approval
  • Quality Control
Phase 4

20+ years of product innovation have earned us more than

30+ awards & several patents