Premium Components…Without The Premium Price


Whether you have a pilot project, or need high volume, low-cost production, AEG is your single source alternative to in-house manufacturing.

American Engineering Group offers a wide variety of products manufacturing capabilities to facilitate new product/part development. As a manufacturing company based in Akron, rubber, plastics and composites is our sole focus. Our specialty is complete, turnkey development of your products, from design and engineering, to manufacturing and fulfillment. We provide expert, one-stop solutions for creating rubber and plastic products, from simple parts to complex assemblies.

Rubber Products

  • Anti-Vibration Parts
  • Automotive Rubber Parts
  • Belts Bellows Bushes
  • Couplers Dampers
  • Elastomer Parts
  • Elastomeric Metal Seals
  • Engine Mounts Formed 
  • Rubber Parts Gaskets
  • Hoses Lathe Parts
  • O-Rings Rubber Bands
  • Rubber Metal Parts Seals
  • Shock Absorbers Silent
  • Blocks Spacers Stoppers
  • Tubes Vibration Control
  • V-Rings Washers Wheels
  • Rubber-Metal Bonding
  • Rubber-Plastic Bonding
  • Rubber-Fabric Bonding


  • Grommets
  • Bushings
  • O-Rings and Seals
  • Vibration Mounts
  • Fuel Tubes and Hoses
  • Rubber Belts
  • Boots
  • Bellows
  • Silent Blocks
  • Dampers
  • Engine Mount
  • Print Rolls
  • Rubber Rolls
  • Gaskets
  • Washers
  • Crutch Tips & End Cups
  • Rubber Balls
  • Bumpers
  • 3M Bumpers with adhesive backed stoppers & plugs
  • Extrusions

Manufacturing Process

  • Compression
  • Molding Transfer
  • Molding Injection
  • Molding Calendaring
  • Extrusion Die Cutting


Ship Engine Central Mount
Medical device Inflatiables
Air Inflated Shoulder Pad
Automotive Bushing
Honeycomb Bumper
Military Truck Central Bushing
Military Truck Central Bushing
Multi-layered Metal-rubber Mounting Block
Polyurethane Bumper
Oil Rig Shock Mount Float
Prototype Model Part for Oil Rig Shock Mount Float-over Foundation
Tire Run-flat Inserts
Run-flat Inserts for Military Vehicles
Truck Central Bushing
Truck Central Bushing
Naval ship equipment mount
US Navy Equipment Mount
military run flat tires
Zero Pressure Production Tires

20+ years of product innovation have earned us more than

30+ awards & several patents