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Whether you have a pilot project, or need high volume, low-cost production, AEG is your single source alternative to in-house manufacturing.

Automotive design for vehicle systems, in all its forms, requires a passion and commitment for design that focuses on the needs of the customer.

Working together with our OEM and tier 1 customers, American Engineering Group (AEG) offers a design analysis service that can transform a simple idea into an everyday automotive part.

Turning initial ideas into practical automotive part is a skill we bring to each project based on the collective experience of our team of designers, engineers, and scientists. We have the in-house experience to transform complex ideas into fully detailed and working engineering solutions.

Design Solutions

  • Conceptual Design and Detailing
  • Design evaluation studies
  • Design modifications / alternatives
  • Composites design & development
  • 3D solid & surface modeling
  • Advanced surfacing, A-class surface generation
  • Top-down & Bottom-up assembly modeling & design
  • Parametric design studies
  • Design & detailing of sub-systems like BIW, Chassis, Powertrain, Engine
  • Value Engineering
  • NC tool path generation for 2/3/5 axis machining & verification
  • Building customized post-processes for specific controllers
  • Process automation & customization
  • Manufacturing support
  • Tool design & detailing

Computer Aided Engineering Solutions

  • Stress, vibration, thermal & heat transfer analysis
  • Interior/Exterior acoustic analysis
  • Frequency, point mobility, NVH analysis
  • Durability & damage tolerance analysis
  • BIW (Body In White) normal modes & static stiffness analysis
  • Crashworthiness of a vehicle (offset/side/front/rear etc) and of seats
  • Rollover analysis
  • Airbags & occupant safety analysis (with/without dummies)
  • Virtual manufacturing simulations for quality production of manufactured parts like forging, metal forming, rolling, welding.
  • Optimization (sizing, shaping, topology, acoustic pressure)
  • Multi Disciplinary Optimization (MDO)
  • Vibro-acoustics analysis
  • Sloshing studies
  • Process automation, customization & knowledge capture
  • CAD/CAE integration/migration services
  • FE modeling & meshing for NVH, Durability, Crash


  • Mesh generation (Hybrid, Hexa & Tetra)for variety of CFD simulations
  • External aerodynamics calculation
  • Transient simulations involving moving meshes viz. sliding, rotating, dynamic cell distortion techniques
  • Combustion and simulation in IC engines
  • HVAC & climate control analysis
  • Thermal management of an engine
  • Thermal analysis across intercooler of a centrifugal compressor system
  • Brake cooling analysis
  • Underhood flow analysis
  • Exhaust manifold & exhaust systems analysis
  • Emissions & NOX calculations
  • Conjugate heat transfer analysis
  • Coupled FSI analysis
  • Free surface simulation techniques for sloshing problems
  • Various CFD solvers catering to application based flow simulations
  • Large problem-solving using HPC techniques

20+ years of product innovation have earned us more than

30+ awards & several patents

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