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Whether you have a pilot project, or need high volume, low-cost production, AEG is your single source alternative to in-house manufacturing.

American Engineering Group (AEG) sealing solutions offers its customers a wide range of aircraft sealing capabilities for both military and commercial.

To complement our expertise American Engineering Group (AEG) sealing solutions employs state-of-the-art design tools, fully customer-compatible CAD systems and leading-edge finite element analysis (FEA).

The aim of AEG sealing solutions is to facilitate customers in the achievement of cost effective, durable solutions that match their specific business requirements and needs.

AEG sealing solutions manufacturing sites are strategically located to provide global coverage and have succeeded in delivering cost effective sealing solutions, whilst maintaining the highest standards of international airworthiness, quality control and meeting the latest environmental legislation. The FAA, JAA and many of the leading aerospace manufacturers are regular visitors to AEG sealing solutions facilities worldwide and we continue to work with them to enhance their reputation for quality and to maintain their key position in the aerospace supply chain.

The extensive service capability, materials development, and engineering expertise of AEG sealing solutions, confirms our position as a leading sealing force in the aerospace market, bringing together the best of foremost global specialist aerospace sealing.

Some of the aircraft components manufacture includes


High integrity piston and gland seals are specified to meet the high usage, long-life demands of aircraft actuators. These can be designed for a variety of configurations up to 55 MPa (8000 psi). With its vast experience in this field, AEG sealing solutions can also assist with actuator design by recommending component tolerances, surface finishes and coatings and seal groove geometries.

Engine systems

A wide range of sealing systems for engine and engine management applications including fan blade annulus fillers, fan cowl and thrust reverser doors, heat exchangers, drive shafts, air intakes, fairings and coupling systems. Materials are selected for high temperature performance and include silicones up to +270°C and the high performance perfluoroelastomer specially developed by AEG sealing solutions, which will operate at up to +320°C. Reinforced engine seals and ducts are available that can provide fire control at tested temperatures of +1100°C.

Flight controls

A wide range of both elastomer and spring energized PTFE solutions, offer zero leakage and long-life performance, in an environment characterized by high frequency oscillation. For rotary shaft seal applications, AEG sealing solutions provides conventional radial oil seals through to high performance PTFE lip seals.

Wheel and brake

Designed for superior performance in harsh environments, the AEG sealing solutions portfolio provides a complete range of static and dynamic sealing systems including steel reinforced bearing grease retainers, large o-ring wheel hub seals and high temperature brake seals.


With a focus on aerodynamic efficiency, AEG offers a range of standard and customized designs, developed for reliability in service and efficiency in assembly and maintenance. AEG sealing solutions range includes seals for wing and moving surfaces such as complex aerodynamic shrouds for hydraulic jacks, extrusions and fabricated seals for doors and hatches, interior couplings, inflatable cockpit canopy seals and fabricated swing-wing fuselage fairings.

Landing gear

A complete sealing system for all landing gear applications, ranging from light aircraft to long-range commercial airliners. AEG sealing solutions has the expertise and resources to offer the most advanced elastomeric and PTFE technologies, ensuring ultimate reliability in high pressure and side load applications.


  • Aerodynamic wing sealing components
  • Window seals
  • Fire sealing technology
  • Inflatable canopy seals
  • Door seals
  • Hydraulic sealing systems
  • Gas sealing

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