Premium Components…Without The Premium Price


Whether you have a pilot project, or need high volume, low-cost production, AEG is your single source alternative to in-house manufacturing.

The consumer and sports product sector invariably targets a demanding audience who are fashion conscious, increasingly discerning and design aware and who therefore have high functional and aesthetic expectations of their products.

Due to consumer demand for personalized products and premium models, American Engineering Group (AEG) is often approached to design not only the core product, but also variants. This enables the company to match market sub sector needs and to afford the manufacturer the opportunity to offer a range of products across several different price points.

The use of common components combined with a creative approach to casework and cover design can enable the cost-effective production of a range of products, each with a different visual appeal and performance criteria.

AEG has broad experience in this sports industry and in many cases have produced illustrations for marketing reviews, 3D CAD models, computer renderings, physical models and working prototypes, all to ensure that the final product is accepted and is commercially successful in the marketplace.

One of AEG’s many strengths is its ability to call upon our experienced industrial design team to work concurrently with our development engineers ensure that the ergonomics and aesthetics of a concept are considered alongside the more functional/performance aspects of the design. Equally, our mechanical and electronic engineers understand the importance of the role that industrial design plays in the development of a successful product.

20+ years of product innovation have earned us more than

30+ awards & several patents

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